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John Deere 948L-II v1.0.0.0
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John Deere 948L-II v1.0.0.0

The John Deere 948L-II skidder is the largest and most powerful skidder produced by John Deere. This skidder features numerous wheel configurations including Mitas float tires, chains and Oglafirs. Also available in single wheel, double wheel and triple wheel configurations. With customizable paintable rims and grapple available in four colors. Main color configuration is available in standard John Deere Green and The Midnight Edition.

Gross Power: 224 kW (300 hp)
Max Grapple Capacity: 2.07 m2 (22.3 sq. ft.)
Operating Weight: 22484 kg (49,570 lb.)

North Modding Company

  • This is cool
    2020-06-26 02:23
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    this nice good lob
  • Devin
    2020-06-26 21:23
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    looks nice! can you make it weighted like FDR's this one can't seem to pull trees its too light and just lifts off the ground and drops my logs
  • Ben44k
    2020-06-28 20:56
    0 0
    Cant log worth a shit fix your weak ass grapple
  • Monkey
    2020-07-13 07:58
    0 0
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