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John Deere Dn345 v2.0
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John Deere Dn345 v2.0

Fixed log errors
Fixed Rotating Spreaders
Added all lights
Added Beacon
Fixed usage for lime and Fert
Cleaned up textures
Tweaked connection hoses (MR)
Added more effects
Changed capacity (30000)
Fixed field speed
Tested everything multiple times. Seemed to work just fine.
Now a complete mod
Error free according to my log

West Central Modding

  • Sarah
    2019-01-17 01:48 Send message
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    nice mod but it rocks side to side and then it got worse with 30k of lime in it to the point where it tipped my big tractor over :(
  • Wayne
    2019-01-17 19:50
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    very good mod but the hired help don't work right it will make a round and it stop's and the you have to start it again. thank you.....
  • Brock bollin
    2019-01-18 00:27
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    the mod is there but its not you can only see the hitch
  • Guest
    2019-01-18 06:02
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    Brock Bollin sounds like a mod conflict.
  • Notbondi
    2019-01-20 00:12 Send message
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    Can confirm that mod's hired help does 1 trip then you have to move and set it again. Additionally the mod does rock sideways a bit. Plus it would be nice to have the DN345 extensions as an option.
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