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John Deere S700 USA Series FINAL v3.0
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John Deere S700 USA Series FINAL v3.0

What's new:
- There is no paths to $data/vehicles, so no one will have problems with "white" textures
- number Configurations (1-6)
- Tire Tracks and Dynamic Tire effect for Floaters 1050 michelin are fixed
- 4x4 hos now real 4x4 differential values
- Fixed Rotspeed on wheels (no sliding down)

JHHG modding addons and changes:
- 100% Error Free (clear log)
- New US Rims and Hubs
- Whole S700 Series (S760/S770/S780/S785/S790) - motor Configurations
- 710 Duals, 520 Row Crop Duals, 1050 Floaters, 30'in ATI Tracks
- Wide back axle
- True Row Crop
- Fixed 4x4
- HD Decals for all engine Configurations
- LOGO Configuration (you can easly replace LOGO.dds for your own logo project to make you feel like on your own farm company!)
- Pipe Light (emisive + real light)
- CB Radio with emissive
- Real Reverse Sound


JHHG Modding

  • Great combine
    2018-11-26 15:58
    0 0
    Looks amazing, can't wait to use it
  • I'll wait
    2018-11-26 16:02
    0 0
    I'll wait till it gets uploaded elsewhere, and trust me, someone will do so. JHHG you sir, have a nice day.
  • Errors
    2018-11-26 17:46
    0 0
    plenty of errors, the tires on front and back do not match. the rims are tractor tires. garbage.
  • No such thing
    2018-11-26 17:51
    0 2
    I dont know where you get your info from, but theres no such thing as an "S785" idiot.
  • 0 0
    the website you use almost gave me a virus becuas it has ads. do not bother to download.
  • Max glue
    2018-11-26 18:27
    0 1
    When I masturbate, I use Glue™, my hands just dont fall of, it sticks, try Glue™ today, only 9,99$ and if you buy now, we give just more Glue for only 12,99$, dont just Glue, dont it right, Glue™ 1-800-yea-glue
  • I like to touch it
    2018-11-26 19:05
    0 1
    Gonna have to get me some of that Glue™!
  • Name
    2018-11-26 21:56
    0 1
    It seems like a nice mod but for god sake, upload it somewhere else you damn idiot. Until then you can shove it up your ass.
  • Greybeard
    2018-11-27 01:53
    0 0
    looks great but please put it in mod hub
  • No such thing
    2019-02-05 08:45
    0 0
    Go to John Deere's Website and you will find that the S785 is there combine with tracks....Idiot....http://www.deere.com/servlet/com.deere.u90785.productcatalog.view.servlets.PublicationsListServlet?equipID=36638&language=english&searchCriteria=combine&exactModelSearchFlag=off&orderBy=pubType&tM;=
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