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KentuckyDerby v1.0
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KentuckyDerby v1.0

2005 International CXT built from scratch with a Hum3D model purchased by Cody Briggs. All work done by KentuckyDerby of Moonshine Mafia.

KentuckyDerby of Moonshine Mafia
Cody Briggs- purchase of model

  • Johnny
    2019-10-23 13:15
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    well ill say that box is from a ford
  • @johnny
    2019-10-23 16:26
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    You are a bender!
  • Interesting!
    2019-10-23 17:36
    3 0
    Interesting concept for sure, kudos to you!
  • 191mb
    2019-10-24 02:20
    0 2
  • Jo dirt
    2019-10-24 06:48
    0 0
  • Guest
    2019-10-24 11:08
    1 0
    @Comment... YOU'RE A BELLEND!
  • Name
    2019-10-24 15:21
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  • Name
    2019-10-26 05:44
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    Its a cool truck for sure. My only issue with it is that if you have a trailer attached, and driving at around 50+mph, the truck begins to drive like you're on ice. It slides all over the road.I'm looking forward to using it as a plow truck!
  • Cool truck and all but......
    2019-10-28 06:48
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    isnt that just the M2 from Gay Allens page with a ford box on it? im assuming so since the file size is still rediculously huge and it wants to tip every time you touch the wheel..... i dont doubt at all that you improved this mod but i dont believe you when you say you built it in blender lol
  • Demeaningparrot
    2019-10-29 05:26
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    @cool truck and all but...... that truck is a proper cxt model i know cause i gave him the model and no its not a M2 it is a International C....X....T the BIG obvious clue would be the INTERNATIONAL emblem on the hood of the truck and before you say something stupid do your research look both trucks up and you will see the difference
  • Reaper14
    2019-10-29 05:26 Send message
    2 0
    See here Mr "cool truck and all"......first off, M2=FREIGHTLINER and CXT=INTERNATIONAL.......if you are going to talk shit about a mod, at least know the difference because you just sound stupid........Secondly, your statement goes to show you didn't even download the mod and try it because I use the shit out of it and it HAS YET TO TIP OVER.......so if you are going to talk shit about a mod, AT LEAST DOWNLOAD IT AND USE IT FIRST!!!! DUM DUM
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