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Kenworth W900 Streetreaper edit v1.0
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Kenworth W900 Streetreaper edit v1.0

My private edit of the kw900 i also added alot here and stretched but grille bumper visor tanks steps exhaust wheels ect
also has any level lift kit.

4MR modding
expendables modding

4MR modding
expendables modding

  • Me


    2020-06-13 18:49
    5 3
    someone needs to learn to clean up their file system. Tons of Blender files that aren't needed. Tons of not needed i3d and shapes files that aren't needed. Try Again
  • Hobby bobby
    2020-06-13 19:04
    3 2
    No color selection for main body ????????????? I mean realy
  • Name
    2020-06-13 20:34
    3 3
    No practical use. Oversized decoration that constantly hits the ground. Poor files. Badly need of a major overhaul.
  • Wtf


    2020-06-13 21:41
    2 3
    wtf is this ugly ass truck lol
  • Jwdiesel
    2020-06-13 23:42 Send message
    1 0
    em dump trailer behind that kenworth
  • Disappointed...
    2020-06-14 08:22
    0 0
    was almost happy seein the the street reaper name here thinkin that derrick hay was back in business but I see now that it isn't from him... saddening to say the least.
  • Change of name required
    2020-06-15 04:06
    0 0
    you need to lose the streetreaper name off this crap.... the original streetreaper aka sr customs would puke if he saw this pile with his name on it. need to learn how to edit the xml and lose all the in store options if there aren't actually any to pick from.
  • Name
    2020-06-15 17:31
    0 0
    what trailer is that
  • Dink
    2020-09-23 07:11
    0 0
    update please
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