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Kenworth W900a 1776 v1.0
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Kenworth W900a 1776 v1.0

Kenworth W900a 1776 for Farming simulator 19
Power: 650
Maximum Speed: 139
Price: 24500
Dailyupkeep: 30
Category: trucks
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  • Waffle
    2018-12-03 14:25 Send message
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    Back up lights would be a nice addition
  • Wheelie
    2018-12-03 20:47 Send message
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    after doing some tasting in my game I found out that the truck does not unhook from a trailer once you pick it up. when the truck is in your mods folder in it is active this glitch effects other in game trucks as well. if you can get this glitch in the mirrors fixed on the truck. I thank that it will be a A+ mod
  • Better than jhhg's
    2018-12-04 23:17 Send message
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    fucking marvelous truck better than JHHG's even tho his is based off this truck
  • @wheelie
    2018-12-05 01:02 Send message
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    what does it taste like
  • Mike
    2018-12-05 06:18 Send message
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    Truck is fantastic. I appreciate you taking your time to make a quality mod to share with the world. 10/10. Would it be inappropriate for me to suggest a possible idea for your next mod? Seeing your quality makes me want to suggest it to you over anybody else. What would you think of creating a big old Brockway semi? I have never seen one ever made for the fs series, and think it would be a unique addition to the game! Again, thank you for your hard work!
  • Catweazle64
    2018-12-05 08:09 Send message
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    Bei diesem Truck ist noch was zu verbessern; Au├čenspiegel (unscharf), Kardanwelle/Kupplung dreht sich nicht, Motorensound verbessern
  • Benzin666
    2018-12-10 00:33 Send message
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    update (25 MB): https://modsbase.com/1ra31c2yeied/FS19_Kenworth_W900A.zip.html
  • Veselka
    2018-12-10 19:27 Send message
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    Real maximum speed is ONLY 70 !!!!!
  • Smr


    2018-12-11 00:14 Send message
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    love it, if you could either make this into a roll off or even a dump truck that would be awesome, their are no dump trucks or roll offs in the game yet
  • Ford fan 69
    2018-12-16 02:45 Send message
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    sweet day cab half rear fenders not bad no rear fenders even better this thing will be sweet with log trailers.
  • New holland guy
    2019-02-11 18:23
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    This is one of the best semi truck mods for fs19.
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