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Kenwoth K200 v1.0.0.0
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Kenwoth K200 v1.0.0.0

OK its time i released the Kenworth K200 I've been working on, it was originally an ATS mod by RTA (full credits to them) now converted to FS19

Colour Selectable Cab, Frame, Fuel Tanks, Wheels and Detail
4 Axle Configs 4x6 4x8 6x8 6x10
3 Bumpers one with a bull bar
Coloured and Chrome guards
3 Exhaust options
2 Fuel Tank Options
Acloa and Spider wheels
5 skins Options 3 Standard 1 Chrome 1 Pearl (any RTA K200 skin will work just save over existing skin)
2 Visors with bug deflector
3 cab layouts

if there are any bugs or issues please message my page as this will end up everywhere.

JFL Modding

  • Mark
    2020-09-11 11:11
    5 1
  • Wrangler
    2020-09-11 18:17 Send message
    2 0
  • Thomas
    2020-09-11 19:00
    1 0
    i have been waiting ages now its here cant wait to have this on my farm thankyou ever soooo much
  • Bertsfarm
    2020-09-12 06:32
    0 0
    Thanks Jfl
  • Ihs


    2020-09-12 09:30
    1 0
    Kenwoth? must be a new brand.
  • Bertsfarm
    2020-09-12 09:48
    0 0
    Bruh they have been around scine like 1923
    • Jflmodding
      2020-09-12 12:48 Send message
      3 0
      I think he was pointing out a spelling mistake which cant be fixed thanks mod hub give us a edit feature plz
  • Knutrider
    2020-09-12 12:15
    0 0
    great truck, thank you!Can we get the beautiful trailers too?
    • Jflmodding
      2020-09-12 12:47 Send message
      1 0
      Go to my facebook page to see all my released mods
  • Bertsfarm
    2020-09-13 08:10
    1 0
    Sorry I should have logged on my real account to edit my stuff. I was also wondering where I can get the pilot Land cruiser that you had on your Exile picture were you where hauling the dump truck on Facebook.
  • Nerux
    2020-09-13 22:11
    0 0
    the truck I liked and I unloaded it, you can also have the link of the wheat trailer please ?
  • Ihs


    2020-09-16 01:52
    2 0
    @JFLMODDING, just had a look at your FB page, really like the work you are doing with the trailers and FS19 mods, keep it up mate and to quote DzG, Aussie Aussie Aussie
  • Ya dude
    2020-09-16 04:34
    0 0
    Can you like link me that grain trailer because that looks kick ass
  • Me


    2020-09-17 17:55
    0 1
    awesome job on the K200 JFL Modding the 8X4 version looks goofy but its the same as in ets2 with tiny fuel tanks would like to see a stretched version with bigger fuel tanks going to try to put an AR grain body on it make it look like the K104 8X4 with grain bin I used to drive with a 6 axle dog behind
  • Namehole
    2020-09-22 20:50
    0 0
    You Aussies give us shit, but your trucks look like you bought every piece of chrome in the world and glued it on
  • Bertsfarm
    2020-09-27 13:45
    0 0
    May I ask what country you come from mate?
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