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KeyboardSteer v1.0.0 BETA
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KeyboardSteer v1.0.0 BETA

Now I have invented this script. It varies depending on the speed, the steering speed, the return speed (autoRotateBackSpeed) and the maximum steering angle. It also turns the camera to match the steering angle. Both functions can also be off again, with the following keys:

[LShift Left + Up]: Moving Camera on / off, default is on
[LShift Left + Down]: Look backwards on / off, default is on
[LShift Left + Space]: Shuttle control on / off, default is on
[RShift Right + Up/Down/Left/Right]: look forward, backwards, left right
[Space]: Change direction (aka shuttle control)

Developer version
Please be aware you’re using a developer version, which may and will contain errors, bugs, mistakes and unfinished code.
You have been warned.
If you’re still ok with this, please remember to post possible issues that you find in the developer version. That’s the only way we can find sources of error and fix them. Be as specific as possible:

tell us the version number
only use the vehicles necessary, not 10 other ones at a time
which vehicles are involved, what is the intended action?
Post! The! Log! to Gist or PasteBin

Stefan Biedenstein

  • Support scripters
    2018-12-12 22:53 Send message
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    https://github.com/Mogli12/KeyboardSteer keep using this link instead as that link you will not be able to keep track of updates as man behind this site is a witless cuntwad whose parents should of used protection and save the world from another scum sucking fucktard.
  • Jimmythegeek
    2018-12-13 00:43 Send message
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    Dang, and he even copied the README.md word-for-word from Mogli's github! What a lazy ass...This is the correct place to get this mod: https://github.com/Mogli12/KeyboardSteer
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