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Kroeger TAW 30 Infinit (unrealistic) v1.0
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Kroeger TAW 30 Infinit (unrealistic) v1.0

Here the Kroeger TAW 30 Infinit (unrealistic), originally modded by Stevie, but very often remodeled and none of them was satisfactory for me.

No weight gain, almost unlimited loading capacity and unloading speed increased .

It may be that the category here in Modhoster "Tandem" is not ideal, but I didn't know which category I should put it in otherwise.

Stevie, Erock

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    2020-06-30 21:13
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    shitty mod, thomas go fuck yuorself
  • Very happy
    2020-06-30 22:25
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    what a great fun mod thank you so much
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