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Lamborghini VRT MaX v1.2.1
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Lamborghini VRT MaX v1.2.1

Lamborghini Mach VRT Max.
More wheel options, inc care wheels.
Customise colors as much as you like.
Improved and added engine configs.


  • Drengin
    2018-12-13 20:58 Send message
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    Original link > https://www.modhoster.com/mods/lamborghini-vrt-max
  • Me


    2018-12-14 01:00 Send message
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    only thing missing now is spinners. The wheels look just retarded!
  • Dajoor
    2018-12-14 06:43 Send message
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    The mod gives the ability to color the different parts. Those are standard game rims provided for dual wheels. So you judge the mod by how someone choose to paint their tractor? Look in the mirror for retarded.
  • Dctoe
    2018-12-16 00:46 Send message
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    Well said @DAJOOR. A man can do his own thing. Don't like it; don't download it. @ME How brave to you use your name. LOL
  • Bear
    2019-02-12 12:56
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    Always liked the Lambo and finally I can get one that isn't white. very nice
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