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Libeherr 776 v0.2
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Libeherr 776 v0.2

Changelog v0.2:
- Fixed the operator position
- Removed tire tracks
- Fixed rotate position for traction wheel on the right

- This is a Liebherr 776 conversion from FS17.
- The mod is not mine I only converted for FS19, the credits is for the authors of the original mod.
- This mod is tested on Mining & Construction Economy map and works very well.
- If you don´t like the mod, don´t use, there are many mods to do what this mod do.


  • Better
    2020-02-19 02:29
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    That's much better, go on...!!!
  • Tfsgroup
    2020-02-19 14:55 Send message
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    original version : http://uploaded.net/file/dnfdigtw
  • To tfsgroup
    2020-02-19 19:06
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    I know this is "you mod" but it takes forever to download and I don't want to pay premium
  • To to tfsgroup
    2020-02-19 23:05
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    Sometimes people are very strange...Go to the supermarket and ask FOR a free bun....will they give it to you?"
  • Nonnus
    2020-02-20 02:13 Send message
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    TFSGROUP, can you explain to me how a mod converted by me is your original version? The your original version http://www.modhub.us/farming-simulator-2019-mods/liebherr-pr-776-1-5/ I still waiting for a day you can release a mod, because what you do, and release is not mods. It´s crap.
  • Tfsgarbage
    2020-02-21 05:57
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    NOTHING you do is "original". You take someone else's mod and repackage it as your own... TFSG is nothing but BULLSHIT.
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