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Liebherr T284 and Cat v1.0
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Liebherr T284 and Cat v1.0

This modification is not mine, it has only been improved.
- Dust now comes out of the wheels when it is moving.
- Dumper logos are seen in high definition.
- Dumper filling is appropriate.
- In the Liebherr version some textures are missing, they are transparent, it could not be solved.
- The model of this dumper is that of the real Liebherr T284 and not the Caterpillar.

NONNUS etc...

  • Nonnus
    2019-11-20 14:04 Send message
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    Thanks for the improvements. On credits you put my name but the mod is not mine I only convert to FS19.
  • Name
    2019-12-16 23:31
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    Warning has virus !! If you download it, it will be your responsibility.
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