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Mahindra trailer by LOWEL
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Mahindra trailer by LOWEL

Capacity: 650 L

I present the trailer for Mahindra.
Mod has:
– opened tailgate (for mouse)
– transport belts
– possibility of filling eg with grain
– working lights (direction indicators, STOP and position lights)

Ideal for transporting eggs and pallets from the store.

– no release on other forums
– no link changes
– no editing
– prohibition on changing the author, description, etc.


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    If you create or steal or breach the originators requests for a piece of music you can be sued for copyright infringement.Why do you not respect the creators wishes here:Prohibitions!– no release on other forums– no link changesLike its respect. In reality this and sites like it could be sued for copyright if there was enough will to do it.
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    Copyright InfringementThere is no defense against copyright infringement. Either you created it or paid for it, or you can’t use it. It’s that simple. No receipt, no written permission, no link to a Creative Commons license? You lose. The automatic “remedy” for the winner is triple damages: you pay three times the value of the material on which you infringed. Who sets the value? The guy who is suing you.
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    From Giants: All user generated contents are properties of their respective creators.
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    § 3 User Generated Content or MODS license3.1 If the Customer creates User Generated Content for the games, he retains the rights to the content that he has generated. 3.2 The Customer warrants that, at the time of the creation, use or distribution of the Mods, he is the holder of the user rights to the User Generated Content created by the Customer.
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    Hello,I would like to discuss with the author of the Mods but I do not find it.Thank you Best regards
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    you retards. a bot uploaded this to this site. it's the bot's job.
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