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MannyDFS, Artist Jack Modding, And CJ Trailer v1.0
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MannyDFS, Artist Jack Modding, And CJ Trailer v1.0

This is a Reskined version of Babcock Farm's version of the 53ft trailer. I put My logo, Artist Jack Modding and CJ's logo's on it as well for you guys to use with Squad and Spencer's Trailer's as well as the RCC trailer.

Babcock Farms

  • Jacques.cas@free.fr
    2019-03-25 15:54
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    super juste mes initiales nom prénom merci du partage
  • Babcock
    2019-04-08 03:20 Send message
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    Hey MannyDFS thank you for actually giving credit
    • Mannydfs
      2019-04-20 20:05 Send message
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      You're very welcome! I always credit the creator of a mod that I edit as it's the right thing to do
  • Wywy14
    2019-06-28 04:07
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    um can some 1 make me a mod of a truck its my dads 50 bday and i wood like to have his truck in my game pls can you make it happen
  • Nate
    2019-09-16 15:34
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    Hey manny could you make me a mod?
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