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Massey Ferguson 2270 baler 50 meter v1.0
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Massey Ferguson 2270 baler 50 meter v1.0

This baler has a 50 meter working width and it is a square baler.The brand is massey ferguson and capacity is 4000 liters.
Hope you enjoy the mod and have great fun with it.
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    2019-07-16 09:52 Send message
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    I'm also not one who really insist on 'reality game play'. I also use Tardis, larger bale capacities and other helpers. But this is just stupid. Especially with that working width and not increasing bale capacity. Furthermore, if you do crap like this, at least make it visual, so add some markers or make the pickup wider.
  • Literallyarea51
    2019-07-18 03:31
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    There's a mod for bale capacities already.
  • Muddy trx
    2019-08-19 01:07
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    can you give me the link to the tractor mod in the picture?
  • Name
    2019-08-21 03:56
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