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Maupu 10t tipper rather oldschool v1.0
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Maupu 10t tipper rather oldschool v1.0

The Maupu mod, from a model of the late 80s and a capacity of 10500 to 12500 L depending on the sides, unfortunately begins to age. If the modeling passed on FS 15, it is not the same on FS 19 where the lack of details and finishing in the modeling are felt. With a brand new 6M front, it does not “match”. Similarly, there is a collision problem during the unloading animation. Despite these few black spots, this mod is to be kept under the elbow for the day when, we hope, the pack “Classic Agriculture” will see the day on the latest version of the game.


  • Veo


    2018-12-18 10:10 Send message
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    Yo, just yesterday I saw this guy driving with the very same trailer around and I was like: Man, would be nice to have THAT in FS19. Yo, u R my man, my savior. Mind reader.
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