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MF Shed Pack v1.0.2.0
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MF Shed Pack v1.0.2.0

New and improved Mercury Farms shed pack for use on other maps.

Changelog v1.0.2.0
- Removed silo storage per farm support due to not being able to sell/move silo once placed.

In this pack you have buyable seed and fertilizer huts, Vehicle Sheds, Vehicle Shelters, Drive-Thu Shelter, Washing Station, Workshop and Farm Silo buildings.

I hope you find this pack to be useful. enjoy.

Changelog v1.0.1.0
- Added standard seasons support.
- Silos can now store per farm.
- Updated store icons to higher quality textures.
- Added glow light strip to light switches.
- Silos now have underground tanks for storing liquids ;)
- decreased silo storage area from 50m to 25m so they don't interfere with stored grains when placed to close to each other.


  • Farmer
    2020-02-05 05:04
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    The buildings are flat.
  • Farmer
    2020-02-05 06:23
    1 1
    Never mind. Found the build button.
  • Farmer
    2020-02-06 02:25
    1 1
    i also forgot to mention, im gay
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