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Mod updates by Stevie 20/11/2019 v1.0
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Mod updates by Stevie 20/11/2019 v1.0

FS19 mod updates by Stevie.

Covers the CaseIH tractors and Axial combine along with the Great Plains YP2425A seeder. These replace all previous versions I have released. Unzip the downloaded pack and place the mod zips into your mod folder. Have fun with them.

Donation link: StevieFSMods


  • Name
    2019-11-21 11:13
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    just perfect ,great job by stevie
  • Ricobab
    2019-11-21 17:53 Send message
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    Well, considering the Case mods already shared by Karlfarms and other modders. This pack do not add anything. Same thing with his NH T9 (KMN version is the reference)Stevie is a much better mapper than vehicule editor
  • Warondar
    2019-11-21 19:03
    0 4
    Case mods already shared by who? I'll stick with Stevie thank you very much.
  • Ricobab
    2019-11-21 21:06 Send message
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    Karls Farm, Steenkamp Modding...etc. Real modifications, US versions...These mods from Stevie are nice if you are looking for basic modifications you can't do yourself (add color choice, increase capacity, increase power, speed, add some new tyres)But it is your choice, as you said. If you prefer basic edits than original and reworked mods, it is up to you !
  • @ricobab
    2019-11-22 04:50
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    Stevie probably has a lot of free time, he does nonsense!
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