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Motorcycle v1.0.0.0
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Motorcycle v1.0.0.0

This is my first mod to publish in hopes to make it console ready. There are several options
• optional helmet (with folding visor) helmet color options
• four sets of decals Honda, Harley Davidson, flames, and skulls
• three motor sizes 750cc, 1100cc, and 180cc
• body color options
• frame color options
• it able to wheelie walk as well
Please let me know what I can do to make this mod better I have tried to fallow all of the criteria in the modding book but I am still working to get better.


  • Name
    2020-09-09 15:12
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  • Craap
    2020-09-09 16:49 Send message
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    awsome mod ,,great job,,its perfect thanks
  • Awesome job
    2020-09-11 02:57
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    There is no engine sound. The helmet is slightly off center from the head. Last thing is the steering is a little off when turning. Other then that its amazing and I've only used it for 10 minutes so. Fix those things and its a 10/10
  • Noice motorcycle
    2020-09-12 04:09
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    I happen to own a Honda motorcycle. Thank you for creating the decals! Must have taken you a long time to make this! I owe you all my thanks!!!
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