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Multi silo extension v1.0
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Multi silo extension v1.0

Hello dear LS 19 friends!

Here is the multi-silo extension as a placeable mod for all fruits currently available for the LS 19.
- Capacity per fruit: 300,000
- Price: 90.000 EUR
- placeable

I wish you a lot of fun with the mod!
best regards

GIANTS, Pandahma

  • Machman23
    2018-11-22 20:15 Send message
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    hi thomas is it possible for you to make a purchase manure and purchase slurry placeables. it would be great if you could
  • Pricelessj
    2018-11-23 07:12 Send message
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    Works great, however it does not extend the capacity for the following fill types - straw, woodchips, manure, silage, and grass.
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