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Placeable Yard - Placeable it like never before!
Hello everybody,
a little Christmas present from the modding world!
With our placeable yard, you can put together a complete yard on your map.
During construction, we made it very important that almost all buildings can be placed inside each other.
Attention: This can sometimes be quite tricky and requires practice. It's best to test this before you start a game or place our buildings
To make this possible, the leveling was switched off. D, b, you have to adjust the terrain for each building. Otherwise it can be natural that an object floats in the air.
Please note!
We did not use placeable grass. Vll is still a patch that regulates the grass * hopefully *
Unfortunately, I did not have time to make a sheep pasture. This is missing. All other animals are included in the pack.
The entire pack consists of 41 buildings & objects. Therefore also over 350 Mb
The farmhouse can be extended. The buildings marked green in the store are intended for this purpose. You can first farmhouse, then behind the shelter with farm silo and the extension to a L expand.
Oh, what am I talking about for a long time .. Find out yourself hehe

Have fun!
The Modding World Team wishes you and your family a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year in the 19s
Lg your BernieSCS
Ps. We have tested for a long time if everything works .. But hey..the company of the LS has not found all the mistakes, so have some consideration. We like to fix all mistakes. In the forum there will be a MW HOF Support Fred.

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  • Olivier
    2018-12-22 18:42 Send message
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    arréter avec vos reconversion du cul fini a la pisse ,105 mo pour ça remballer et retourner chez votre mére SVP sur ce
  • Wildbill1
    2018-12-22 19:17 Send message
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    WOW, even the French can be trolls according to OLIVERs comment...lol
  • Adrien
    2018-12-22 20:42 Send message
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    messieurs je dit bravo super travail un très grand merci "chapeau bas "
  • Damien
    2018-12-22 20:53 Send message
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    Perso je le trouve top se pack, bel déco , pas mal de bâtiment de quoi se faire une belle exploitation, good Job
  • Filip
    2018-12-22 21:08 Send message
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    Great Job. Super well elaborated. Thx guys.
  • Topgun
    2018-12-22 21:54 Send message
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  • Gr ..nice
    2018-12-22 22:51 Send message
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    goood very nice gooodddddddddddddddd bon moddeurrrrrrrrr niceeeeeeeeeeeee
  • Raven2971
    2018-12-22 23:10 Send message
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    english would be nice i wouldent half to guess what things are
  • Daniel
    2018-12-23 15:07 Send message
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    very nice mod pack everting its beutifal butt der is no sheep building and a large building for the combine,s for the rest beutifal mod packthank you guys daniel
  • Passlee
    2018-12-23 17:40 Send message
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    Would the Mod Author mind if I translated to english?
  • Daniel
    2018-12-25 00:20 Send message
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    where can i finf the eggs from the chicking building i have 15 chickens and 2 days playing no eggs boxes coming thank you
  • Ray


    2018-12-25 07:48 Send message
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    I sure would love to see this mod with english translation. Looks like a fun and useful mod. Thanks for work and nice mod. Take care.
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