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New Holland CR1090 v1.0.2
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New Holland CR1090 v1.0.2

Probably everyone knows the problem with the New Holand cr1090, original pushes the cutting so on the ground that you can not drive or the NH does not come forward.
Here is the solution I have run down times to fix this problem has worked this vehicle is fully capable of MP! also tested dedi!
with suggestions or the same just contact lg Meyer89

Modell: Giants
Textur: Giants
Script: Giants/Meyer89
Idee / Konzept: Meyer89
Tester: Meyer89/Pombaer_1337

  • Will
    2018-12-07 01:10
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    Looks like you're trying to get all combines working the right way.I already asked for it at your RSM161 and that mod works fine.
  • Popeye
    2018-12-07 10:18
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    hi oh less already something done now it would be necessary to review at the level of the cut because when it hangs it is too low compared the combine and when you go down the cut to pick up the wheels on one side does not touch the ground because the cut is at an angle and when we go back with the reaper we see that the cut goes straight look see well and you'll see
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