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NEW HOLLAND T9.700 v1.2.0.0
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NEW HOLLAND T9.700 v1.2.0.0

New Holland T9 created from in game tractor.
Has a 9.700 motor option with appropriate decals and power V1.2 additional features and fixes

Original Features 1. Ultrawide Michelin Tires 2. Dual Michelin Tires 3. Big Bud Dual Tires

V1.2 New Features
Ultra Wide Michelin Low Air Pressure - Tires compress more and have better traction as in real life
Medium Wide Michelin Duals
Medium Wide Michelin Duals Low Air Pressure
Allowed the T9.700 a slightly higher max speed of 48KM

V1.2 Fixes
- Lowered Ultra Wide Michelins closer to the ground as there was a very small space showing
- Added a small amount more power to the T9.700
- Renamed the T9.7 to T9.700
- Fixed Hub on the Dual Michelin Tires

Tim Markiw

  • Kronos
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    you should combine this with the smarttrax mod, that would be an awesome addition (be it that you fix the deceleration on that mod)
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