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North Frisian march 4x v1.2
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North Frisian march 4x v1.2

The NF Marsch 4fach is the extension of the Nordfriesian March standard size and is Seasons Mod ready.

Version 1.2
Start fleet park for easy game back
Excess waterplane cleared
Driveways to the bridges for autodrive improved
Schreiner shield and Collision taken at Zaunstück at brewery
More light at the hardware store and stadium
Floor marking for pallet delivery at the stadium
Prices adjusted for carrots and onions
Sale opportunity for diesel at the big Aral (savegame change)
Sales area heating plant enlarged
Pallet sales trigger increased
Sloping piles eg BGA silos can be filled one meter higher
New fill types inserted (log, chipboard, OSB plate, eggs, chicken, beef, pork, lamb, chicken)
Trigger BGA improved
Boundary pile with collision found at 3378/3868
Soil texture completed in hall at nursery
Desire of the channel members,
- At house 25 seating and beer
- At house 62 seating and beer crate and barrel, 2 parking cars cleared, garbage bins moved behind the house
- House 72 got a deco kennel
- House 59 something deco, grill, beer and what to sit
- At house 42 a car away
- Moving from Gutsherr House No .: 67 to 71

All productions and placeable buildings are available for download in an extra pack.
You also need the Global Company Mod to be able to play the map without restrictions.
Have fun while being productive;)
Multifruit: rye, onions, carrots, spelled, poppy, mixed grain, millet and sorghum,
Other types of fill are built from the map: earth, sand, gravel, beet pulp and compost.
Productions in the extra pack that has to be downloaded extra

sugar factory
Apple orchard
Pear orchard
Cherry orchard
Plum plantation
diesel factory
fertilizer production
Hay drying hall
Compound feed production
Liquid fertilizer production
Sewage Treatment Plant
pellets factory
Plant protection production
seed production
Pig feed production
Pulp / paper mill
cheese dairy
cement plant
+ Dieverse placeable buildings like Ballenhalle, earning objects for money,

North Frisian plains with attention to detail, typical of dikes, ditches, forests, deco windmills
Great fields
22 sales stations
2 bga's
New missions
Very much space for placeable objects of all kinds.

fedaction letsplay + shelly

  • Tazziczech
    2019-12-01 17:25 Send message
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    a kde najdu ty budovy co jsou pro mapu? :O
  • Huiygjhuy
    2019-12-01 17:29
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    a kde najdu ty budovy co jsou pro mapu? :O ....................o dear..
  • Rob


    2019-12-01 18:15
    1 0
    Down loaded the map as normal brought the land needed but can not place any buildings. I can not even place any of the in game buildings i,e silos sheds animal pens & the needed buildings to start your farm. Please can you fix the issues please.
  • Farmer
    2019-12-01 19:25
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    yes you cant place a thing on this map
  • Guest
    2019-12-01 19:39
    3 1
    To enable placeables you need to press L/Ctrl + G to open Global Company menu. Click on the settings Icon top right (cog wheel) and make sure extended placeables is selected. You will then be able to place in game placeable buildings. I don't know what the equivalent is for consoles as I only play on PC. I hope this helps.
  • Wrangler
    2019-12-01 19:48 Send message
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    B.O.B. Lookaround - North Frisian March 4x - Farming Simulator 19 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ck9uJFtNXl0
  • Extra pack ? ? ?
    2019-12-01 21:15
    2 0
    The download link for it?
  • P3g4susuout
    2019-12-01 23:36
    1 1
    This is a link to the fedaction letsplay pade with the downloads on ithttps://www.fedaction-letsplay.de/ls19/4fach-nf-marsch/
  • P3g4susuout
    2019-12-02 01:44
    1 1
    The extra mods you need for the buildings is 299mb. Hope these were helpful:~)
  • Where is this extra pack
    2019-12-02 10:41
    2 0
    Every site it states that you need PRODUCTION EXTRA PACK so where is it for download?????
  • Where is this extra pack
    2019-12-02 10:44
    1 0
    P3G4SUSUOUT your info would be very helpful if stated where to download it.!!!!!!
  • P3g4susuout
    2019-12-02 12:03
    0 2
    It says it on the screen directly infront of your eyes. When you go to that url in blue text it says "North Frisian March mod map in 4 times the size". Under that is "Fast download with uploaded premium". Under that are 4 different thickness and width grey bars. First one is for the 4x map, the second one is for the production buildings ie "Download FED Mods Productions 1.3". The one under that is the 4x map without the ditches at the edges of some fields where there is water etc. Sorry for not
  • Antal84
    2019-12-02 12:25 Send message
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    PRODUCTION EXTRA PACK up load ,mudhub link pls!
  • Rb


    2019-12-02 13:26
    1 1
    Your instructions for download are perfect for the pay version, but I don't like being told that I have exceeded my downloaded limit and pushed into paying when it's my 1st time on the site and have not downloaded anything. That's in front of my eyes.
  • Rb


    2019-12-02 13:28
    1 1
    Your instructions for download are perfect for the pay version, but I don't like being told that I have exceeded my downloaded limit and pushed into paying when it's my 1st time on the site and have not downloaded anything. That's directly in front of my eyes.
  • Rob


    2019-12-02 15:10
    0 0
    Thanks to the guest for the the way to place buildings. It does work now able to play the map.A big thankyou to you
  • P3g4susuout
    2019-12-02 19:22
    0 0
    RB, I didn't pay anything to get these files. I just used the free download and not even the register type with 20KB/s extra speed. It took a little while but considering I was doing other stuff at the time I didn't mind. BTW I am nothing to do with the modder or anything else. I was just like you trying to figure where to get the stuff from so did a google search for FEDAction Letsplay and then clicked to go onto their site. Then clicked 4x NF March on the left and voila the download link was t
  • Noobz
    2019-12-03 04:35 Send message
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    y do i hav 2 pae 4 modd??? i m confusion,, y muzt i pae 4 modd 2 plae wit modd??? modd sux anywey so it al werks ouut :))
  • P3g4susuout
    2019-12-04 13:47
    0 0
    Why put such a question in the comments when I explained in the previous comment that you DON'T have to pay for the mod. Also why say the mod sucks when you don't have all the needed parts to be able to make an actual objective comment on what is, to be fair, a lot of work by someone else purely to give you some entertainment. I suppose your way of communicating explains a lot, little children are rarely greatful for things they get from others. I think it is really quite good and since I have
  • Rockin
    2019-12-05 17:27
    0 0
    Too much hassle locating the production mods then being told you can't download them. I'll stick with PV Industries and Ricciville.
  • Klyden-dk
    2019-12-11 12:47
    0 0
    It looks like a great map but why cant i place other objekts on the map …..?
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