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Novotroitskiy Map v1.0.4
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Novotroitskiy Map v1.0.4

v1.0.4: - Fixed serious errors; - Replaced the texture of asphalt and slabs with default ones.
v1.0.3: - Added the ability to load flax in the grain elevator; - Flax straw can be baled and sold; - Added the ability to sell seeds; - A few little things. Card author - Dmitry Polyakov. Envelope in FS19 - Alexey Potanin.

Short description of the card: 1. The card is slightly smaller than the default size. 2. On the map there are 19 fields of different sizes and different shapes, as well as a lot of purchased plots. 3. On the map there is a quarry with sand, which you can sell or use to backfill pits and irregularities. 4. There is a base where garages, workshops, a warehouse for agricultural chemistry and a gas station are located. 5. Grain flow includes a warehouse of crops, potatoes, beets and seed production. 6. The territory of the barn, includes a barn, a water tower, haystacks and straw, and two silage pits. 7. There is a sugar factory, operates as a point of sale and production of sugar. The map is fully adapted to the fashion of the seasons.

Алексей Потанин

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    2019-09-20 18:34
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    Game will not save...
  • Jax


    2019-09-22 00:00
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    It works and saves fine for me.
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