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NP-25 Autoload bale trailer v1.0.0.0
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NP-25 Autoload bale trailer v1.0.0.0

FS19 NP-25 Autoload bale trailer
Log clean
Autoload for: pallets, sqare bales, round bales, small bales, egg boxes.
Variable colors

Banana Joe Modding

  • Jason
    2019-12-22 21:17
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    I could never get this trailer to do the autoload. I've driven up next to the bale and nothing happened.
  • Epic...
    2019-12-22 23:43
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  • Tyler
    2019-12-23 02:03
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    It works, apparently just doesn't have controller support. Toggle load and unload with "U" and switch from round, square, small bale/ pallet with "Z".
  • Tyler
    2019-12-23 02:23
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    Scroll with mouse and it shows all the keys used. Y to unload, B to show unload marker position. Move the unload position with, J up, N down, M reset.
  • The squad
    2020-06-18 04:52
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    I downloaded it but it didn't go into my game can someone help
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