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Peterbilt 379 v2.5
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Peterbilt 379 v2.5

Update- 2.5
* Added front hood peterbilt ornament
* Added New fuel tanks
* Added 379 Lights (Front blinkers will be in next update)
* Added bug deflector
* Added 379 Grill
* Added New bumper
* Fixed fuel tank holders
* Fixed Interior colors
* Fixed windshield allignment
* Fixed Mirror views
* Removed 389 headlights
* Removed peterbilt wing decals

Next update plans-
*Add cab lights
*Add customizable options
*Add front blinkers
*Add Peterbilt steering wheel
*Add windshield wipers
*Fix gas gauge
*Fix the errors in the log
- and whatever else comes up.

The trailer will be released shortly, I ran into one error and I'm looking to resolve this with some help from another modder. Thank you all for the support & understanding! I'm trying my best to get things updated and work on other trucks that I've previewed to you guys. It's a lot of time and work. Anything you think i should add or remove leave a comment as i read it all.

Discord: TheFallen
Youtube: The Fallen
Steam: TheFallen


  • Leftlaneoutlaw
    2018-12-23 20:24
    please make a direct download
  • Whatever
    2018-12-23 20:42
    could you add the option of Not Making It Suck? that would be great
  • Jasper
    2018-12-23 21:41
    it still neads an air horne
  • Tyrel
    2018-12-23 21:55
    Make it a direct download from mod hub please instead of having to go to another site to download it
  • Outlaw
    2018-12-23 21:56
    Could you please add wheel color option? Love the updates!
  • Chad
    2018-12-23 22:02
    Can you change the file to a .zip file? This file is a .iso file.
  • Name
    2018-12-23 22:50
    Gotta love how a bunch of free loaders complain about a download site.
  • Tinman
    2018-12-23 22:54
    You guys own a pc yet can't use a download button?
  • D


    2018-12-24 00:44
    How about speeding it up to 70mph.
  • Gizmo's
    2018-12-24 00:53
    My anti virus software is blocking the file. It found something with the file.
  • Bigdaddy
    2018-12-24 15:25
    keep up the good work! much appreciation for this mod cant wait to see the final
  • Bigdaddy
    2018-12-24 15:35
    keep up the good work! much appreciation for this mod cant wait to see the final product
  • Chad
    2018-12-24 17:49
    Thank you so much. Your awesome!! This truck is my favorite!!
  • Rudolph
    2018-12-25 13:14
    hey guys. love the mods thamk you from South Africa!! can you please make an auto laod trailer that can load all bales and pallets, and the auto m load timber trailer...thanks again for all the master pieces
  • Peter
    2018-12-25 16:59
    "could you add the option of Not Making It Suck? that would be great " If you are going to suck it might as well be a peter
  • Leftlaneoutlaw
    2018-12-27 20:20
    do you have plains to release that trailer in the pic as well or is that a private mod..?
  • Dickie
    2019-01-01 16:54
    Hi in your next update can you put in your update that you can repair your semi. Thank you so much. I use this semi all the time.
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