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Peterbilt 567 DAY CAB v1.0.0.2
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Peterbilt 567 DAY CAB v1.0.0.2

Peterbilt 567 Day Cab Truck, originally rebuilt by American Truck Simulator.

- Fixed the front camera of the cabin.

- Changes made by Michal from the version modified by Kman Modding.
- Added internal rear view camera.
- Added a new variant of the wheels.
-Changed the mud flaps.
- The engine dimensions have been adjusted to the actual performance of the 567.
- Added funny cubic capacity.
-More minor changes and cleaning.

-Modifications by Kman Modding.
- The specialization of the technology has been changed. And the XML file has been updated.
-Ground collision updated. And the interior no longer gets dirty and shows no signs of use.
-Suspension adjusted.
-Now there are more store options (bumpers, visors, mirrors and hood pillars).
-The fifth wheel now slides (controlled with the mouse). And all internal digital and analog sensors work (including windshield wipers).


  • Tackleberry
    2020-10-15 20:29
    1 3
    Please can you also convert this for FS17, I love these trucks but don't have FS19.
  • Fuck u thomas
    2020-10-16 10:04
    0 0
    u stole a mod and claim it to be yours, fuck you chinese shit
  • Ummm???
    2020-10-16 18:27
    0 0
    how is this a stolen mod?? this thing has been public forever and some. wasnt a a real big hit though since there hasnt been anything done with it since it was first released.
  • Nice...but
    2020-11-14 23:35
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    I would have at least added a color option.
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