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Pferdehelfer v1.0.0.0
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Pferdehelfer v1.0.0.0

DE (Original)
Dieser Helfer hilf dir beim Ausreiten deiner Pferde. Um 23 Uhr sind somit deine Pferde zu 100% ausgeritten. Natürlich macht der das nicht umsonst, es bekommt 300€ pro Pferd pro Tag.
Wir wünschen euch viel Spaß mit dem Miniscript.
Eure LS-Modcompany

EN (translate):
This helper will help you to ride your horses. At 23 o'clock your horses are 100% ridden. Of course he does not do it for nothing, he gets 300 € per horse per day.
We wish you a lot of fun with the miniscript.
Your LS-Modcompany


  • Lifeliner
    2018-11-27 14:38 Send message
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    Thank you!!
  • Herr_bachmann
    2018-11-28 11:36 Send message
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    I tried installing, and using this on a dedicated FS19 server, and it does not work.
  • Lostsoul3471
    2018-12-01 04:34 Send message
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    I can confirm that it works at least on single player. At 11pm or 23:00hrs on the nose whatever horse that wasn't 100% ridden, becomes that way, no cleaning required and with the added cost. It's kind of a cheat but depending on the number of horses you have and if you have enough supplies, a pretty good way of making money in a few game days.
  • Kinggamer161
    2018-12-01 06:49 Send message
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    hello i am useing your mod on a server its works fine and all its just when i went to sell the horses it said i would get 750k yet i was given 13k like the mod never realy worked yet it was saying that everything was 100%thanks for the mod i was just giving info
  • Bery
    2018-12-02 15:01 Send message
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    @kinggamer161 the mod works fine u just need to sell horses 1 at a time its the games fault that u cant sell them all together
  • Alex2ruote
    2018-12-12 12:58 Send message
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    300 Euro for a 10min ride? Does the helper have a law degree? Holy horse! I took it down to 50, and that's generous.
  • Koalat
    2018-12-17 02:15 Send message
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    @ALEX2RUOTE you obviously have no idea how much it is to board a horse. 300 Euro (~$340US) is dirt cheap compared to how much it is to actually have someone else take care of your horse. Do some research bud.
  • Koalat
    2018-12-17 02:18 Send message
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    @ALEX2RUOTE not to mention that it is not just a 10 minute ride. In game, 10 minutes is like an entire day (not really, but still). GO ahead and ride your in-game horses for 10 minutes if you find this mod too expensive. Kids these days...
  • Mio


    2018-12-30 17:29 Send message
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    @ALEX2RUOTE1 Day in farming simulator is quite a lot of time in reallife.Usually it takes 2-3 years to train a horse. It's only 10 days in the game.About 250 Euros a month is the average pay for that kind of job around here.Even if you only use 24 months, that's already 6000 Euros.In the mod it's only 3000 Euros.
  • Lorenzo
    2018-12-30 20:30 Send message
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    sorry i have downloaded it and now how can i activate
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