Farming simulator 2019 mods
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I have corrected the map a few times, there should be no mistake, you will notice a post on the group immediately.
Grupa FB: Farming Simulator Photos / Questions / Guides
I will try to issue patches if you find errors that will interfere with the game: D

The map is not adapted for the season
2 fully functional farms, one with cows and one with pigs
30 fields
2 forests
At the top
1 purchase (too small map for a larger quantity in my opinion)
purchase of silage, purchase of manure
Animal trader
The climate can't be counterfeited
I put a lot of time and nerves into the map.

Respect my work and do not change the link, let me earn those pennies

Improved PDA
Improved purchase
Added grass on the road next to the forest


  • Anthony b
    2020-01-28 18:33
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    love love LOVE the map. but it has some issues with placing object and landscaping. Just wanted to let you know! awesome map though!
  • Billy063
    2020-01-28 21:11 Send message
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    game wont save
  • Farmer 54
    2020-01-29 09:30
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    If you place a mod you can't sell, it even if you own it and the land, good scenic map.
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