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PJ Flat 24ft v1.2.0.0
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PJ Flat 24ft v1.2.0.0

PJ Flat 24ft for Farming simulator 19
– Price: 9 300 €;
– Daily maintenance fee: 93 €;
– There are straps;
– Working lighting.
Authors: Rambow145, Kramarj, The Barn Modding

Rambow145, Kramarj, The Barn Modding

  • Ratedt
    2018-12-02 06:54
    This Mod is trash.
  • Joeyakabert
    2018-12-09 08:18
    first time i got this mod weird blue lines were all over the screen when near the trailer. now the trailer loads in but the hitch is locked solid so you can't turn and the neck rise/lower moves but doesn't work when connected to the truck
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