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Placeable silos All in One v1.1
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Placeable silos All in One v1.1

Silos for Lime, fertilizer, herbicide, liquidfertilizer and seeds in one package and useable in MP!
You can place everything close to each other, does not change ground texture.

Price: 5.000
Daily costs: 5
Capacity: 200.000 

Rabel, JBK, Steen

  • Elmias
    2018-12-23 09:48
    How do you inload liquid fertilizer and herbicide?
  • Tinman
    2018-12-23 15:50
    So you have to fill them before you can use them?
  • Gytis
    2018-12-26 02:00
    You should use mod with some sistern to transport liquids
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