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Plant rows by Albinator
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Plant rows by Albinator

Here is my extension, to the textures!

Here is a short guide!

1. You download the zip, and unzip it! Now you have some XMLs which have to be in your mapfolder. You also unpack the map, and put the XMLs in the Foliage folder, (you can search it in the search bar at the top right!) ATTENTION! Here is also a rye texture, with adjusted height! If the map does not support rogging, let it out! If you have the XMLs in it, you have to ask if you want to replace the files, you have to confirm them! Now you put your map together as a zip, and off in the mod folder!

Support is available on Instagram, or via direct message

Before installing in a map create a backup copy !
I would be happy about a positive rating, now all I have to say is: Have fun!


  • Hendrik
    2019-08-06 20:08
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    please give a better description of this mod!
  • Dude
    2019-08-09 15:41
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    dude its just diffrent ground textures what more of an explanation do you ened
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