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Rapide 8400 Windrower & Loading Wagon v1.0
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Rapide 8400 Windrower & Loading Wagon v1.0

Here is a self-loader that is a bit cheated because it allows you to pick up the grass much faster.

- Width: 21 meters
- Capacity: 100,000 liters
- Price: € 75,000

Velocity DK

  • Me


    2020-10-17 21:58
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    this has been out for over a year
  • Name
    2020-10-18 00:30
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    you are correct. i have been using this mod for more than a year and it was from this website. Just someone else trying to take credit for someone elses work.
  • Name
    2020-10-18 03:35
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    who gives a fuck ?! it's here and we can all use it now. Giant's owns this shit anyway , so fuck off with that 'Stolen mods' rhetoric. shit gets fucking old on every god damn post. This has got to be the most toxic community i've EVER been apart of.
  • Meee thieving tommy
    2020-10-18 08:27
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    I did it you nasty lil turds. What the hell are you going to do about it? Go cry to domestic terrorist supporter Joe Biden for answer to your wet dreams of stopping me. Sleepy Joe didn't do shit while he was vice president, what the hell is he going to do when he gets in office? NOTHING! Joe Biden approves this message :)
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