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Realistic rain and thunderstorm sounds v1.0
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Realistic rain and thunderstorm sounds v1.0

Hey, I present you today Realistic Rain and Thunderstorm Sounds.
This makes it especially realistic when you're in the field and charging bales, and suddenly there are heavy rains around.

How do I install it ?:
1. Unzip, in the folder "rain.zip" is "rain", depending on the file type with which you open such sounds, a different sound, in my .wav!

Goes to where your LS19 is installed:
Farming Simulator 2019 \ data \ maps \ sounds
Then you have to click on File Replace and the sound is already installed.
In the game you do not have to activate the mod because it was installed on the user side, which means that you can easily play with the sound in multiplayer.

If you notice problems with my mods, then you can join my discord:


  • Raven2971
    2019-04-16 19:42 Send message
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    there no rain file in the game you got rain1 rain2 indoorrain and 19 are ogg file not wav. files neet figure out where to add this file once you comvert it to ogg file
  • Gator
    2019-04-16 22:30
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    I thibk this mod is for cattle and crops not FS. The picture in the desvription is from cattle and crops.
  • Crap&crap;
    2019-04-17 01:00
    0 3
    That game is dead, still laughing over det folks who paid into that scam crap....
  • Truthbtold
    2019-04-17 05:06
    1 1
    Cattle abd crops isn't dead, its judt behind due to being a totaly new game. Giants has used the same engine for ober 10 years now.
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