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Realistic rain and thunderstorm sounds v1.1
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Realistic rain and thunderstorm sounds v1.1

Hey, I present you today Realistic Rain and Thunderstorm Sounds.

Version 1.1
Due that i worked with an old file system (It"s better to manage) I hadn"t changed the installation path.
- installation path changed
- little fixes in file names to have the option to overwrite it, changed it to .ogg
Checked if It"s working with the other file system, and for me it works!
This makes it especially realistic when you're in the field and charging bales, and suddenly there are heavy rains around.

How do I install it ?:
1. Unzip, in the folder "rain.zip" is "rain", depending on the file type with which you open such sounds, a different sound, in my .wav!

Goes to where your LS19 is installed:
Farming Simulator 2019 \ data \ maps \ sounds
Then you have to click on File Replace and the sound is already installed.
In the game you do not have to activate the mod because it was installed on the user side, which means that you can easily play with the sound in multiplayer.

If you notice problems with my mods, then you can join my discord:


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    2019-04-29 21:24
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    C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Farming Simulator 19\data\maps ??Got folder from there called /sounds :-/Litte help here !
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