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Renault Atles v2.0.0.0
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Renault Atles v2.0.0.0

this is an editing of the Renault Atles tractor 226 and 250 hp 40 and 50kmh.
The credits go to lolo62, hgmodel, Deezer and mailing for converting it into FS19.
Mainly processed were:
lighting, backhubs, rims, more tires, adjustable mirrors, window panes, driver position, suspension, the cabin stays clean inside,
animated connection caps and top link holder, i3d cleaned up a bit.

Please keep the original link and enjoy the mod.


The credits go to lolo62, hgmodel, Deezer and Mailing for converting into FS19.

  • Deichselreiter
    2019-04-15 19:47
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    Hello,the version shown in the first video is V. Version of the mod is V. are many differences between the versions.So, this video brings little information.
  • Deichsel
    2019-04-16 12:18 Send message
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    Hello please don`t download this version. There ia a log error. V. will come soon. Sorry for that. Deichselreiter
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