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Rogator 1300 v1.0.0.0
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Rogator 1300 v1.0.0.0

Here is the Challenger Rogator.
This sprayer will make short work of your spraying needs.
With a top spraying speed of 28 km/h and a 36m boom.
Has configurations for floaters and stainless steel tank.
Converted from FS17, features new sounds, spray animations, and all new lights.

Original creator Steenkamp Modding, Converted to FS19 by bhModding

  • Juku
    2019-03-10 09:32
    3 1
    thank you very much!!!! this will fit well with the australian map
  • Trucker
    2019-03-10 17:40
    1 8
    ugliest model !!!!
  • Bigiron
    2019-03-10 22:58
    1 0
    love the mod.had a question, it say 15,000 but only has 5,000 capacity.
  • Re. capacity
    2019-03-12 23:39
    1 0
    Weird that BIGIRON only see's 5,000 capacity. Mine is showing as having 20,000 Capacity in game, even though in the XML it has Fertiliser Filltype showing as 10,000 Capacity. Wonder if the Air Filltype value of 10,000 is being combined to give the 20,000 I'm seeing, as never seen a sprayer in the game that has that Filltype under it's Capacity Values.
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