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SampleModMap US v1.0.0.0
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SampleModMap US v1.0.0.0

FR (Original): SampleModMap de la map US sans erreur, avec quelque déco de base.
EN: SampleModMap of the US map without error, with some basic deco.
DE: SampleModMap der US-Karte ohne Fehler mit einigen grundlegenden Dekowerten.
PL: SampleModMap mapy USA bez błędu, z pewnym podstawowym deco.


  • Oldman
    2018-12-14 20:24 Send message
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    standard size or 4X? I cant seen to find a good 4X starter map.
  • Bocephus
    2018-12-14 23:17 Send message
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    "137" on this site, 4X-map "Empty 4-fold map without log error v1.0.1",I don't know what the above on this page is supposed to be but whatever it is, it don't even show up in Giants Editor. I said alot about the, "Empty 4-fold map without log error v1.0.1" because of no animals. I finally realized, "to heck with the animals" but if you want a good 4X starter map, that's the one. Got 6 large fields and can put 6 to 10 more. I've put traffic on the map also.
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