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Scania S 580-730 v2.1
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Scania S 580-730 v2.1

Scania S 580-730 V2.0

I've spent quite a few hours in this Scania and
Hope my effort gives you some pleasure

- all parts painted
- 6-fold color selection (2x rims, design, cooler, grill, main color)
- Chassi cover installed (substructure with blender completely rebuilt)
- new sideskirts installed without exhaust
- High pipe exhaust system installed
- BadEyes
- Lightbox
- Front grill revised with more details
- HiBar and Lowbar completely re-created (now color in the main color)
- Badged S580 / S650 / S730 for motor configs added
- New sun visor including lighting
- Stoneguard incl. V8

Shop selection for motor, sun visor, stoneguard, hi-low bars, lightbox,
badeyes and chassis cover created.

I have included a Benalu trailer with the Scania rims and the same colors


Credits: Giants, SCS, PsyTec Modding

  • Crownzilla
    2020-05-07 11:57 Send message
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    Again credits for my work removed xaaxax shitty kids...
  • Wtf


    2020-05-07 13:44
    2 1
    So, the first time you deleted the link of "your" 0.9 version for credits reasons. And now, after Crownzilla made all the major work with his V2.0, you edit it and release V2.1 without mentionning him in the credits. Logic.
    • Psiecore
      2020-05-07 16:05 Send message
      0 2
      this V21 have NOTHING to do with any other mods I have rebuild 98 of this truck becaus it was full of errors and shit so stop crying
  • Crownzilla
    2020-05-07 14:19 Send message
    3 3
    Just give proper credits, i don't want or care about anything else anymore.... That's why i'm doing private stuff now, because people can't respect other's people work..
  • Crownzilla
    2020-05-07 14:20 Send message
    1 1
    Those guys didn't even give any credits to the people that made the trailer...
  • @psiecore
    2020-05-07 18:14
    0 1
    What absolut bullshit you are writting here. V2 of this truck made by CROWNZILLA has a not a single fucking error in the log. Stop the bullshit. What are the facts ? you released but deleted the link to your v0.9 and now you come back with this magical v2.1 from nowhere.Just give proper gredits whatever the fucking work you did on this truck. Period.
  • Crownzilla
    2020-05-07 21:25 Send message
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    xaaxxaaxxaax "it was full of errors and shit" , idk where is the point to lie, here is the link for the real truck guys, see for yourself who the real creators are and how many " errors and shit" the mod has :) http://www.modhub.us/farming-simulator-2019-mods/scania-s580-v8-2-0-0-0/
  • Caamo
    2020-05-09 03:29
    1 0
    "CROWNZILLA 2020-02-07 15:18 I added a few lightbars the mod is not mine so dont talk pointless things Everything works fine" ...So... I don't give a flying fuck about who did what. Point is, this mod is NOT made by this clownchiller. Shut the fuck up, both of you bullshitters!
  • Xxx


    2020-05-09 22:24
    0 0
    Die Beleuchtung des V8 Symbols in verschiedene Farben machen. Wer steht unbedingt auf grĂ¼n. (gibt ja viele Farben)
  • Crownzilla
    2020-05-09 22:42 Send message
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    I take credits for the edit dumbass
  • Caamo
    2020-05-10 11:30
    1 0
    @CLOWNCHILL MAN... Credits for the edit? Oh really? So fucking lame... Grow up already
  • Crownzilla
    2020-05-10 13:17 Send message
    0 0
    Oh, i didn't know that if someone disrespect your work and effort and you complain about it is childish. Sorry, my bad..
  • Desley
    2020-05-10 20:39
    0 0
    fix this mod its nice mod but if i turn the beacons so much lag
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