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Schikel V Rake v1.0
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Schikel V Rake v1.0

Well here it is, The Schinkel V Rake. Made in South Australia these are one of my Favourite rakes which is why ive bought it to the game!
Working width: 12m

Cheers to JFL Modding for all the work you did!

TJ & BK Modding
JFL Modding
KB Modding

TJ & BK Modding
JFL Modding
KB Modding

  • Tracktoeaw
    2019-09-14 22:00
    0 6
    dwdwdwdwdw where da tracktor from awedawdwdwd
  • Treviscox
    2019-09-15 06:51 Send message
    0 5
    DO NOT DOWNLOAD, has ruins the hire workers where they don't move and take a lot of money. You have to go in your save game backups to fix it
  • Bauskobar
    2019-09-15 10:01 Send message
    0 3
  • Sgtbacon
    2019-09-15 11:28
    1 0
    Great mod, the rake works just fine for me, with the AI worker finishing at the end of the job also works fine manually.
  • @trevissuckscox
    2019-09-22 02:39
    1 0
    that is a mod conflict you brain dead ass clown....
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