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Schluter 2500/3500 v2.2.0.0
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Schluter 2500/3500 v2.2.0.0

Hello friends Schlüter,

Engine configuration with sound
color selection

- Revised light inside and outside
- Tire configuration
- Camera back
- Color choice back to standard colors
- Decoration revised
- Pedals and shift knob animation

- Daschbord revised (light and display)
- Adapted animation circuit
- mirror adjustable (mouse control)
- Sound revised
- Rear camera removed
- New additional colors

here for the time being my last version of the Schlüter 2500, in the future I want to concentrate on the 5000.
Price: € 174,000
Power: 240hp - ca500hp
Top speed: 32-60 km / h

Vehicle has been tested for SP and MP (Dediserver) log errors free

have fun with the little bear
lg AgraStrolch


  • To thomas
    2020-02-28 07:14
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    love the mod its animated and well made but their is no audio for the engine. its completely silent sounds like a tesla only hearin the wheels on the road. idk if you just posted this mod on here or if you made it but if you fixed that issue this really would be a top quality mod. looks beautiful great animations and udim textures as well as all customizations look great. thanks!
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