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Seasons GEO: Minnesota USA v1.0.0.0
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Seasons GEO: Minnesota USA v1.0.0.0

Do you want to experience farming in the conditions of Minnesota USA? Welcome to the Northern Great Plains of the USA. Here you can experience all four seasons from the cold of winter to the heat and humidity of summer. Snow is possible here from October all the way up to May, though it will likely fall mostly during November through March. The growing seasons here are shorter, so you will need to plan carefully to get all your work done. This mod allows for growing of most FS 19 crops. Canola, Poplar, Sugar Cane and Cotton aren't grown here, although the most common crops here are Corn and Soybeans. Winter crops here are only Wheat. Due to the nature of the weather here, I don't recommend using less than 9 day Seasons, as you may not get the full experience. The weather for this mod was generated from the City of Rochester, Minnesota. The latest version of the Seasons mod is required. Version


  • Mark in minnesota
    2019-12-12 18:35
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    thank you for this!
  • Someone
    2019-12-12 21:04
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    thank you so much I will use this when the millennial farms map. :D
  • Ben


    2020-01-06 06:31
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    this is awesome as I grew up in a small town Chatfield 1/2 hr south of Rochester on a family farm. thank you for this
  • Csi48
    2020-04-05 06:10 Send message
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    Cotton...Add cotton. why does Everyone remove cotton ? FFS
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