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SeedHawk Pack Multi Colour v1.2
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SeedHawk Pack Multi Colour v1.2

This is the Seed Hawk from Giants with a little bonus.
added: colour, added modified Seed Hawk Plow "Farm Boss" 25.5metre and Cultivator
This is an UNREALISTIC mod, you cannot buy a Seed Hawk in various colours or in a plow or cultivator configuration.
but Cherries grow on trees and farm animals need both male and female to reproduce .. It's a game

Giants/Becs aka SumWon, Rebecca. That's me

  • Sumwon
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    Does: wheat barley canola soybean sunflower oat potato sugarBeet maize cotton sugarCane oilseedradish poplar rice peanut blackbean redCabbage lettuce sudangrass cherry sorghum alfalfa clover carrot poppy tobacco onion hops spelt triticale grass.Have fun
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