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Selo Yagodnoye v1.4.1.10
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Selo Yagodnoye v1.4.1.10

The “Village of Yagodnoye” card was created on the basis of real estate, where the author was lucky and grew up in the Perevozsky district of the Nizhny Novgorod region.

On the map "Village Yagodnoye" there are:
- Warehouse of crops;
- Warehouse of vegetables;
- Warehouse of hay, straw, grass;
- Seed warehouse;
- Fertilizer warehouse (liquid and dry);
- Warehouse of refined grain;
- fuel storage;
- Warehouse chips;
- Water tank;
- Warehouse of round bales.

- A bakery, a flour mill, a meat factory, BGA, a platform for extra. productions - production data purchased;
- Production of refined grain (grain production is required for production - we obtain refined grain, grain waste);
- Seed production (the production requires refined grain, liquid fertilizer);
- Dairy (milk is required for production - we get kefir and fermented baked milk);
- Bread factory (milk, flour are required for production);
- Flour mill (for production requires refined grain - we get flour and bran);
- Fish farm (bran and soybeans are required for production - we get fish);
- Meat processing plant (animals are required for production - we get meat and sausage);
- Production of feed for pigs (the production requires root crops, corn or soybeans, grain waste);
- Production of compound feed (for cows) (root crops, hay, straw, silage are required for production);
- Sawmill (production requires trees - we get wood chips and boards on pallets);
- Cereal plant (produces corn groats, oat groats, pea groats and barley groats), also in this production there is additional. repositories for these crops.

Seeds can also be sold on AgroVolga Region (where the purchase of seeds and fertilizers).
Separately, there is a point of sale of milk - a dairy and a school.

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Version for Farming Simulator 2017 (v1.5.x):

- Author's update.

Алексей Потанин

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    THOMAS stupid idiot and copywriter from Russian sites this is a map for FS17
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    пидОрас!!! я скачал для фс 19
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    Farming Simulator 19 - B.O.B. Flyover - Yagodnoe Village - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TZpZhdp7sq0
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    WRANGLER - read mod description before, you are stupid youtuber idiot !!!!
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    this mod for FS17 !!!!!!!!! you bastard!!!!
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    Thomas is not stupid, or idiot... Thomas is a BOT! So... who's idiot? ;)
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    THOMAS, if you publish other people's mods on other sites, you need to insert the author’s link (asshole!)https://www.simulatorgamemods.com/fs17-scania-agrotruck-pack-v1-1a/?unapproved=124977&moderation-hash=d862ca620f6c266fd3669785ffa2fcdd#comment-124977
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    Try to understand this little thing: THOMAS IS A BOT! You fucking moron!!! (asshole)
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