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Soundupdate Fendt Favorit 500 Series v1.0.0.0
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Soundupdate Fendt Favorit 500 Series v1.0.0.0

Since I do not like the sound of the 500 Fendt series in the LS19, I have revised it again and would like to share the result with you.
ATTENTION: The mod only works with the Fendt Favorit 500 from FBM Modding!
You can find the mod under the following link:
For the installation the mod must be unpacked.
You do the same with the Fendt Mod (name in the modfolder: FS19_Fendt_Favorit_500_Series).
It's best to save the complete "sounds" folder so that you have the original files if you do not like the sound.
Copy the three files from my mod (favorite500_load2_loop, favorite500_load_loop, favorite500_standardSound) into the "sounds" folder.
Finally, the files from the Fendt must be packed back into a ZIP file ( name: FS19_Fendt_Favorit_500_Series) and the file put back in the modfolder.
If someone wants to use the sound files (.OGG), for example, to adapt the original Fendt in the game, the one who likes to do so.
The credits for the Fendt and also the sound XML file are with FBM Modding (Peter AH)!
I just adjusted the volume in the XML.
I hope you enjoy the sound, even if it's not 100% realistic, but that's the way the 500 does not sound like an empty milk can;)
Best regards

Script: FBM Modding, PeterAH
Idee / Konzept: FBM Modding, PeterAH
Tester: Helgomant
Sonstige: Helgomant

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