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SYN TRAC v1.1.0.2
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SYN TRAC v1.1.0.2

Update 1.1 - ready for winter
add: snow chains for Nokian wheels
improved: gear for 2-axle version
improved: 3-point - height of lift
fix: gamecrash at "low" texture resolution
fix: spreadangle adjustment on "Fertilizer S"

A new vehicle category. Flexible applications.
- Fully automatic docking process
- Fully automatic coupling of one or more additional driven axle(s)
- Fully automatic coupling of an additional engine (summation of PTO power)
- Increased safety through optimal visibility conditions
- Low centre of gravity due to the special engine-transmission arrangement
- Hydropneumatic chassis with independent suspension
- Speed options 60 kph or 80 kph
- Steering options: front-wheel, all-wheel, and crab steering
- Comfort cabin with different seat variants
- FS optimized visualization platform

This package contains:
- SYN TRAC Pre-production model
+ Configuration: axle-modul with 3-point and trailer attachements
- Standardadapter
- Elephant-Frontloader
- Support-Adapter
- Fertilizer S (Prototyp)
- Multiweight 800-3000

discuss and support on GIANTS forum: https://forum.giants-software.com/viewtopic.php?f=952&t=148940&p=1156644#p1156644


  • Farmerb
    2019-08-01 18:58
    1 0
    Wish I knew who the modder was - to thank for the game crash fix at low res.
  • Re farmerb
    2019-08-01 21:12
    2 0
    delete transclear .dds from the tex folder
  • Lifeneedzbeatz
    2019-08-01 21:31
    1 0
    The modder of this beauty is "ImpTS": https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7HnaAgvrDhXP1GvvXJVDkA/about
  • Steelwarrior65
    2019-08-02 06:12
    1 0
    I think this a great Mod the people that made it did a really good job yes a few people had problems with this mod which is a pity but things are now shorted out and hopefully there will be more updates to come for this great tractor one thing we could do with is more tools to add to the list maybe the trailer that is shown in the video on You tube looks a great bit of kit so come on guys show your support give a good rating to the makers. Imp T S . : )
  • Farmerb
    2019-08-02 09:38
    0 0
    Many thanks to RE FARMERB; LIFENEEDZBEATZ & STEELWARRIOR65 for taking the time to assist me with the name and details of this great modder, it's very much appreciated. We should all be able to show respect and appreciation for their great concept and for all their hard work. Agreed, this is indeed a beautiful bit of kit and as above, I too look forward to updates and hopefully some extra tools. Thanks again guys!
  • Marc
    2019-08-04 02:02
    0 0
    Thanks.Comin' some more tools (trailer and so on) next time?
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