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T-150 tracked HTZ v1.0
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T-150 tracked HTZ v1.0

The maximum tracked course 15 ka / h with an engine capacity of 160 l / s (there is a choice).
The price for a tractor is 75,000 money today.
From the store, you can choose air conditioning.
Capacity of a tank is 315 liters of diesel fuel.
Light workers and dashboard.
Tracks tracks remain.


  • Derek
    2019-06-19 05:33
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    We need this on console
  • @derek
    2019-06-22 07:37
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    No, you jugheads just need to do better research before throwing money into things! Had you done said research, you would know that pc is the best option as you can play pretty much any game from any platform with the use of emulators!
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