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TRAILER MIXER elkon v1.5
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TRAILER MIXER elkon v1.5

We TFSGROUP offer you this concrete mixer trailer.
An elkon tractor unit is already available on site.
Nous TFSGROUP vous proposons cette remorque malaxeur.
Un tracteur routier elkon est déja disponible sur se site.


  • Name
    2020-07-10 15:51
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    Many thanks TFSGROUP.
  • Name
    2020-07-26 18:06
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    TFSGROUP/ZORLAC/ZORRO/GRINGO are dream team biggest thieves :D seriously, there is one person appearing under several nicknames. this is a French stupid child who steals mods and signs it with his nicknames.in addition, it removes comments containing the truth about it and theft of mods.this idiot writes positive comments to himself :D for example :"Another top quality mod thank you TFSGROUP."
    • Tfsgroup
      2020-07-28 10:58 Send message
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      I am happy yes today fat to you the comments on this site will soon be deactivable Then it will be over with you THANKS SO MUCH FOR YOUR CONTEST
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