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Trout smokers v1.1
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Trout smokers v1.1

Kobold has too much wood ash, which is why he has now grown a new production branch, Seppel and his employee are now standing on the conveyor belt for several hours every day, filling premium wood ash into sacks. Don't worry if trout is all gone Seppel and the band stops. But it comes back when trout are delivered for smoking. You can then sell this horny wood ash or bring it to the FBZ (FischBörsenZahlung). There is now a separate category of leisure modders where you can find them. Enjoy your Kobold Koby.

Modell: ForellenRäucherei
Script: GC
Idee / Konzept: Kobold Koby
Tester: Kobold Koby

  • Endy1
    2020-03-26 08:58 Send message
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    This is a waste in this form.The game freezes ......
  • Valera
    2020-03-26 10:25 Send message
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    critical errors in the log
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